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All products sold on are CUSTOM graphics (which are NOT returnable or exchangeable). All orders are made to order. There absolutely no returns when a discount code is used or if purchased during a sale. Please understand by ordering on our website you are agreeing to our return policy. Once your decals have been cut (to your color selection &/or size) no changes to your order can be made. If the error be on our part we will gladly replace the incorrect item at no additional charge.

If a product arrives damaged, please notify us for an exchange. You have 7 days to notify us. If a product is damaged during installation, we will not exchange or cover damages of the product.
If there is a lost package, we will send a new package for you. You have 7 days to do the replacement or report a lost package. We do not offer any kind of warranty on our products. Thank you for your understanding.

All of our decals are custom made. For this reason shipping may take a couple days since we cut and prepare your decals in order to be ready to ship. Normal shipping for decals takes from 5-14 days.

3-day shipping service is available and it means decals will be cut and prepared and send with a 3-day shipping label. This does not mean decals will arrive in 3 days after day of purchase.

2-day shipping service is available and means decals will be cut and prepared and send with a 2-day shipping label. This does not mean decals will arrive in 2 days after day of purchase. 

If order is made on a Friday, it might not be shipped the same day and it will be shipped until Monday. We do not operate on weekends  

If 14 days have passed since the last scan and order has not been delivered, contact us and we will work a solution to resolve the issue.

International shipping is available. If 60 days have passed since the last scan on an international order, contact us and we will work a solution to resolve the issue.

Other products that are not decals may take from 15-20 days. Also products that are not decals make come in a separate package from the one of the decals. For example if you order a set of decals and a set of t-shirts and keychains, the decals may come in one package and the t-shirts and the keychains may come in different packages in different shipping times. 


Oracal 651 series Intermediate Cal vinyl. This is a 2.5 mil film with a 6 year durability (depending on the installation). Oracal brand states that white and black colors have a 6 year durability. We found out colored vinyl other than black and white, have a 3-4 year durability. Resistant to most oils and greases, weak acids, salts and alkalis. Vinyl has a Permanent adhesive. Special proprietary formulation ensures optimized stability and resistance to UV degradation. *Please understand the lifespan of the vinyl (no matter the brand) is only as good as the installation. Decals installed without using the proper surface preparation and drying time will not last as long as those installed correctly!

Yes. We can make just about anything you need/want and we can also customize what we already have for sale. Graphics can be made smaller, or lager. Larger sizes will cost extra. We can add text, logos, shapes etc. You tell us (or show us) what you want, we create it. Simple as that.

If you're familiar with installing vinyl, and have patience, your decals will turn out well. View our INSTRUCTIONS page prior to beginning installation. It's always nice to have another person to help when applying larger graphics and rally stripes.

No. Oracal does not recommend using wax or any other products on their vinyl materials. Waxes have been known to draw out the plasticizers from the material which will dry the material and allow the material to break down sooner. Plasticizers bond the materials in the vinyl together.

As long as your paint is in good condition before the install, you shouldn't have any issues. A lot of customers change their decals often for a new look or to change their color scheme. Any residue left by the vinyl is easily removed with regular rubbing alcohol.

Our decals can easily be removed. You may need to heat them up with a blow dryer to soften them up making removal a bit easier. The graphics are considered permanent since they are manufactured and tested to last for several years in harsh elements, but they can be removed at any time. Once removed they cannot be re-used.

We highly recommend a professional install if you're not familiar installing vinyl (especially larger items & rally stripes). There are thousands of professional graphics installers located throughout the United States. Tint shops will usually install the kit for a minimal fee. We are not responsible for improper installation nor is the installation included in the price. We are NOT held responsible for application errors, but will supply a replacement decal at a discounted price should you need one!

YES!!! We have hundreds of thousands of designs. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean we do not have it, or cannot create it. We have so many graphics that we would never be able to list them all. Along with the ability to customize every single decal. It's impossible to put every single thing on the site. If you have a picture of what you want, or saw it elsewhere, email us. I'm sure we either have it or can make it for you at a better price.

If you're not sure, email us. We will let you know how we install that particular decal. All decals can be installed both wet & dry, but it is safer to install larger decals using the wet method. Decals with fine lines or small text should be applied DRY! The wet method allows you to move/slide the graphic around before it sticks permanently. Be sure if you use the wet method you only use 1 drop of soap (if you choose to use soap). When we install, we use plain water, and lots of it.


OUR COLOR CHART IS THE FOLLOWING. Please message us if you have any question or if you are looking for a specific color.